Need to spy someone else’s WhatsApp without marking the messages as read?

Spy WhatsApp Messages

Do it in three simple steps

Wa checker spy WhatsApp QR Code

Receive a QR code

We will show you a QR code in your phone.

Wa checker spy WhatsApp

Take the victim's phone to spy

Open WhatsApp and go to Settings / WhatsApp Web.

Wa checker spy WhatsApp pairing

Scan the QR Code

Scan the QR code shown on your phone and you will be linked in seconds.

Wachecker Features

Wa checker spy WhatsApp QR

Scan only once a QR code from the phone to be monitored.

Wa checker spy WhatsApp quick

Spy any WhatsApp in seconds without having to install or setup any app.

Wa checker spy WhatsApp deleted messages

Wachecker stores contacts and chats that have been deleted.

Wa checker spy WhatsApp for android and iOS

Wachecker is compatible to spy any phone (Android and iPhone).

Wa Checker WhatsApp inspector
Wachecker operates only on WhatsApp
as an inspector capable of capturing:
Contact lists
Chats history (deleted included)
Real time messages
Profile picture
Wa checker WhatsApp inspector with no traces
No traces
Wachecker leaves no tracks behind.
It does not mark messages as read (√√) in the monitored phone.
Wachecker reads the contacts and messages in real time and stores all data captured safely and privately.
Wa checker spy WhatsApp in an affordable way
Affordable price
You will be able to monitor any phone 24/7 for 1 U$D daily.



  • Basic access for 24hs
  • - Contact List -
  • - Profile Picture -
  • - Chats history -
  • - Real time messages -
  • - Deleted messages -
  • - Deleted chats -
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5 days license

  • Full access for 5 days
  • - Contact List -
  • - Profile Picture -
  • - Chats history -
  • - Real time messages -
  • - Deleted messages -
  • - Deleted chats -


​It is a service that allows you to monitor someone else’s WhatsApp.
​When you request the demo, we will show you a QR code in your phone. Then, grab the phone that will be monitored, open WhatsApp, click on WhatsApp Web option and scan the QR code that you have on your phone. Ready… in seconds you will be visualizing the contact list from the other mobile phone. In the Demo version you will only visualize the contact list and their profile pictures, in the paid version you will see all chat history of each contact.
​​Any phone of any brand and model that has WhatsApp installed.
​Yes, for one time only and only for a few seconds. Just to scan the QR code that we will show you.
​No, only WhatsApp.
​Not on this version. You can only visualize the text chat history
​​Not on this version. You can only visualize the text chat history.
​Yes, our monitoring system is absolutely legal to:

1- Check on your underage children
2- Monitor the sales or help desk chat history of, for example, your employees through company owned mobile phones.

Keep in mind that you have to inform your personnel that they will be monitored by an external system, and they have to accept that use while using mobile phones from your company. It will guarantee that your company does not enter legal issues. Nevertheless, we are not qualified to provide confirmed legal advice with respect to the minutiae of local laws.

In other cases outside of those described, the remote monitoring of a phone that does not have the appropriate authorization is a violation of federal and/or state law. You will need to notify users of the monitored phone. If you don’t, you will be considered accountable and the installation will be taken under your own risk.
​No, because nothing was ever installed neither in your phone nor in the remote phone.
​It depends on your internet connection, but it should not take more than 60 seconds. You will then be working in real time and it is independent of any system update.
​​A sign will appear at the bottom of the page that reads “Phone without internet” Then, when the monitored phone regains connection, you can regain the visualization with no further action needed, you will only need to reload the site with a click in the top right corner.
​A sign will appear at the bottom of the page with the text “Phone not connected to the system” In this case you will lose your credit and must make another purchase with a new QR code.
​Depends on the use that’s given to the monitored phone. If it is not a user that uses Web WhatsApp from a PC, you will have no issues, but if this is not the case, it would be convenient that you use it during times when the other phone is not in use, for example, at night. Remember that all activity will be kept as, for example, messages and deleted contacts.
​Depends on each phone. Generally, there’s a small sign in the notifications bar. Now, if this worries you, try to monitor the phone when it is not being used, for example, at night.

Common uses

These are some of the uses intended for users who need to monitor other people's WhatsApp messages.
Knowing the contacts that share information with your children and their chat history
Connection times
Implementing true parental control
Controlling your employees during working hours
Controlling situations about people close to you
Spy on someone's WhatsApp

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